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Hologic, the pioneer of X-ray-based bone densitometry, has taken advanced health assessment to the next level with the NEW Horizon family of DXA bone densitometry systems. These multi-faceted systems are designed to help you assess three major health concerns: osteoporosis, obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Horizon features the latest technological innovations, including:

- Single Energy [SE] Femur Exam – 10- to 15-second femur scan that allows clinicians to visualize potential atypical femur fractures that can occur as the result of long-term bisphosphonate use.

- A NEW High Resolution Ceramic Digital Detector Array - Ultrafast, high output, low noise ceramic detectors that provide better bone mapping and image.

- A NEW High Frequency Pulsing Power Supply – A smaller, lighter power supply, providing better access for patient positioning and development flexibility for future applications. Hologic’s full size X-ray tube maintains dependability.

- A Dynamic Calibration System - Delivering real time pixel-by-pixel calibration through bone and tissue equivalents for greater long-term measurement stability.

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